Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Breathing Practice in Yoga: Kapalabhati

In Yoga breath training is very important and essential since it is a preparation for deep meditation. I believe breath is the bridge between the body and the mind. Regulate breath, and the body and mind will follow.
There are different breathing practices in Yoga. I personally know and practiced few of them which I will write about;but it is very important to have a personal training and complete instruction in doing these practices and not entirely rely on any written words. 
Let's start with Kapalabhati:
The first time I practiced Kapalabhati I hated it. it is kinda simple but at the same time difficult ( if that make any scene at all !!) and it is very important that it is done probably. so what is Kapalabhati exactly ...
Kapalabhatiis a powerful breathing technique and will start by sitting tall in comfortable position. it is basicly sudden and vigorous exhale by diaphragm movement through both nostrils, producing a sharp "fuffing" sound. focus is not on inhalation since they come automatically and passively. we usually been doing that at the beginning of class for 50 times.  
It is interesting to know that during this breathing exercise particular movement of stomach muscles  play the most important role compared to the movement of the cage of the chest. and their efficiency will increase by continuous practicing.
A certain pressure of air during this practice helps in removing impurities in the breathing tube, so it's a kinda cleansing exercise. after a well round of Kapalabhati you really feel the difference in your normal breathing routine and the capacity of your lungs in each inhale. it has so many other benefits which I think would be different for everyone like toning abdominal muscles, emptying emotional junk, throwing out negative thoughts. but as i said before its effects varies from person to person.
Kapalabhati is great breathing exercise but as I said at beginning it should be learned form an expert specially for people suffering from heart problems, lung troubles, blood circulation diseases, pregnant women who should perform under the care and guidance of trainer. 

wish you all a wonderful day 


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