Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obsession du jour : Fabulous Jewelery

I am still sick :( typing and coughing at the same time. enough of that and let's talk something beautiful :)
This has been my current obsession for the past few months. I've been into jewelry as long as I remember. I think they are an important part of any outfit and can make anything as simple as a t-shirt glamorous and special.  but recently I am all about over-the-top, unique and vintage designs. I came across so many beautiful pieces but some of them are very hard to find and even if I found them usually they carry a heavy price tag. so I taught even though  I can't get them, I can share some of the pieces with you and see what's your taste on jewelry:

Suzanna Dai Cofru Necklace, I love the gold one and it is 350+ $ !

Matthew Campbell Laurenza Pink Sapphire and Amethyst Cuff which I have no idea how much it is !
Love the combination of black onyx and yellow gold, like this necklace by Chan Luu which is 200+$.
Here were just some of them. so what about you, do you love over-the-top, statement jewelries, or you prefer to be on the safe side ;)
wish you all a great day   

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