Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Recent Book read: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

I have to say this book was on my reading list for a long time and my husband bought it few months ago. but I had hard times to pick it up ( don't know why).  I knew it was on best selling books for long  and I never read reviews on it so I knew it is good but the story was a complete mystery to me. 
Finally I started it and about first 50 pages or so , it was so BORING, I was hard time to continue and  surprised about the hype around it. I asked one of my book buddy and she told me it will get good just try to pass the 100 pages of so . I'm glad I took her advice :)
From where the boring part passed the book got more and more interesting and I was hooked. I had hard times to put it down.It is a massive mystery book ,close to 500 pages but I found it to be an easy and fast read ( except for the first 100 pages where it is describing the main characters which I read carefully and also the parts about  financial scandals which was boring and  little hard for me to follow; thank God that it was not long). 
when I started to read it at the beginning sections there were phrases like how many of women get assaulted by men each year so I kind of knew what I was getting into. 
One of the main characters of the book is Lisbeth Salander ," the girl" in the title, who is my favorite character of the book, she experienced a lot of violence in her life but even though she is a victim, she is not helpless.  however her appearance is kind of boyish ( absolutely not feminine chick) which kind shows her stronger ! ( I don't know that was the point that author wanted to make). other than violence against women there are other themes in the book which were interesting.
I read somewhere that the book title in Swedish is different and they changed it to this when they translated to English and thank God for that because I personally wouldn't pick a book that named " Men who hated women". something else when I noticed people talking about is that the "girl" in the title is not a girl ( as of an age perspective) but I think because the majority of the men in the book are mid-age or older so in their eyes a 20 something women is a girl. There are 2 or 3 violence scenes in the book which were tough to read but I was warned by one of my friends about them when I started to read the book and I was happy that she told me that.   
This book really made me think about women in general and the fact that some women live in conditions that are beyond our imaginations. it shows a very ugly view of human nature; specially toward women. the fact that we are a member of a group that always have to wonder if we were treated this way because of our gender. I liked the book and when I was reading it so many people ( strangers) came to me and told me they liked it too or this is a really good book. of course like every other book there are some disappointing parts like after they solve the big mystery ( Harriet's case) where I taught everything ( the main characters and their life ) moved too fast .  
My next book is " the girl who played with fire" which is the 2nd book of "The Millenium Trilogy" by Stieg Larsson.
So what you've been reading lately that you think was interesting?!

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