Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Hair besties series- Introduction

I am one of those people that was not very nice with their hair through the years like coloring frequently, perming, bleaching and ooh I can go on and go on ...which now make me even more sorry for them.
I have naturally straight black hair and always wanted wavy hair in some other color! so I did perm my hair 3 times and 2 of them were pretty damaging to my hair and honestly I lost so much of hair over those. last year, I started to grow my hair and kind of recovering from my last perm and kind of did succeed. I used really strong hair conditioner and hair masks frequently but a few months ago I gave up , I decided to cut my hair short and start over again ( I mean growing long). It was a sudden move and I cut about 30 cm of my hair;    but having short healthy hair is always better to have long damage ones, at least that's what I think. 
I did cut my hair again few weeks ago and I am enjoying my short hair, I got so many complements even from complete strangers  :).
Even though now I have my natural hair without any chemicals on them I still condition them frequently because by the time they grow, these will be the oldest part of my hair and they may be more fragile that the rest which cause breaking and frizzing and all other unflattering hair features. don't get me wrong I still love to change my hair style and color but I am kind of holding back on it. my hair stylist recommended to me to wait till summer and then do little high light or something, since he know what is he talking about I will listen. 
So after this long introduction I will  write about the my hair besties so far; products that I tried and still using that have done good for my hair.
So are you one of those people like mine or you don't use chemicals on your hair?!
My hair changes in less than a year, I don't have the same style as the last one now; I cut it even shorter but did not have  any picture of it :)

So till next post,


  1. salam azizam
    vayyyyyyyyy ke cheghade naziiiiiiiii:*
    mohat kheli ghashange man asheghe moye saf va meshkiam.axe akharet kheli ghashange in model az hame bishtar be chehrat miad(avalin ax az samte rast)<3
    rastesh man alan 6 mahae ke tahamol kardam va mohamo rang nakardam:(
    akher mikham ke fer konam va rang ta ye 2 hafteye dige,hala vaghean dochare 2 deli shodam nemidonam chi kar konam:(((((

  2. merci azize delan :x naziii az khodetooone :)
    rastesh man khodam ham az moohaye alanam kheili raziam ke hamoon axi bashe ke to gofty :)che rangi mikhay bokoni ?!!man rastesh felan yekam sabr mikonam; faghat vaghty rang kardi khoob azash moraghebat kon :)

  3. Mania,

    I have exactly the same problem as you. Before my pregnancy i have very long hair and i liked changing frequently my color. In my life i have had blond, red, black hair. After my pregnancy i lost too much hair so i decided last year to cut my hair short. At the beginning i didn t feel confortable but after like you i got so many complements. Finaly i like my short hair it is more convenient during the winter but i am looking forward to having long hair.
    By the way, i am looking for a good hair dresser do you know a good one in Montréal ?

  4. Marie, I love your current hair style :) I'll message you about your Q :)