Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Hair besties series- E1: use protection

Styling hair with heat stylers like blow-dry, curling iron or flat iron always gives the best results. but heat itself is not good for hair and could damage it because of several reasons:
Heat can dry out the internal moisture content of hair; it can also effect and disturb the natural proteins and oils in the hair.
All these damage could make hair more sensitive which could cause hair to split and break more easily. 
So with this brief introduction it is fair to say that everyone needs to use hair protection when they use heat. I use it all the time even when I just drying my hair with a blow dry. I just spray a generous amount of my heat protector all over my hair and leave it for a few minutes to dry out and then use whatever heat device I am planning to use. 

How heat protection products work!?
Well these products work by coating the hair with something that could protects them form high temperature. these products could be different silicones (cyclomethicone, amodimethicone, gum blends or anything ending with "cone"), mineral oils,.... but when I looked for it silicone based materials are much more suitable for this purpose because they have low thermal conductivity which means comparing to water and some mineral oil they transmit the heat to hair more slowly. meaning the hair temperature will  increase more slowly when coated with heat protection products so the water content of the hair, protein will stay less effected. 

Is it necessary to go buy a separate product for heat protection? 
The answer is not very easy. if you use hair conditioner before using heat stylers just look at its components and see if some heat protection materials are used. I personally do not like to use oil on my hair before using curling iron or flat iron because it looks like I am frying my hair then; so not a good situation :). I always check on the back of the package. 
There are always some well priced heat protection products out there like TRESemm√©,  Pantene,.... just a quick note that, I personally do not like "Redken  Satinwear 02 Ultimate Blow-Dry Lotion" it kinda left my hair little crunchy rather that silky.

So here is my taught on hair heat protection, hope this was helpful . 
till next time,

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