Friday, February 18, 2011

Review: LUSH Cosmetic Warrior Mask

I don't know if you are familiar with Lush products or not, I know I wasn't few years ago. It is a company that makes bath and beauty products made by hand with organic, fresh ingredients like soaps, bath bombs, bubble bars, shampoo and conditioner, face products and lots more. All of its products are 100% cruelty-free, vegetarian and some vegan products. I am not vegetarian or vegan though but it is nice to use products that not have so many chemicals in them and are made of natural stuff. I am sure you all remember your mothers or grandmothers used eggs, olive oil or garlic for conditioning their hair, or honey face masks and lots of other food-i cosmetics stuff.
The name is written in French "Guerrier De La Beauté

I tried diffrent products from them, some I repurchased some I did not. in this post I would like to talk to you about one of my favorite products from them called "Cosmetic Warrior".
This product is a face mask; on the package is written:
"Antiseptic fresh garlic and tea tree essential oil reinforced by deep cleansing kaolin and fresh grapes, aided by softening honey and free range eggs."
Because the mask contains fresh ingredients it should be kept on the fridge and also you could keep it for 20 days starting  form the day it was made ( it is written on the back of the jar)
I used it 3 times a week, after cleansing my face, I put one layer of the mask all over my face (in a scrubbing motions), wait for about 10 minutes and then I wash my face with warm water.
Afterwards my skin feels so soft and clean, and my pores looks noticeably smaller; which is a surprise for me, I still don't know which ingredients is responsible for minimizing my pores.
This is hands down the best face mask I tried,since I started using this product I did not have any breakouts which is quite odd for my acne prone skin. I think it is because ingredients like tea tree,garlic.. are antiseptic treatments known to help keep bacteria under control. 
Just to let you know it has a pasty,grayish texture and it does not smell nice ( but for me the smell was bearable), so if you are not sure about smell, go to lush and ask for a sample of the mask.
I used 2 jars so far, so probably I will stop for a month to see how my skin looks afterwards and then I'll get another jar. If you have a lush store near by I highly recommend  to give this a try ( or get a sample).Hope this quick review was helpful.
Have you ever tried any of Lush products, what is your favorite ?


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  2. Dear Mania! Thanks for you useful infos as usual!
    I have noticeable pores around my T zone areas and I decided to give it a shot :)
    would you plz tell me where I can find it?

  3. @Fatima joon, check their website and you'll find it dear. they have one downtown which I usually go and the staff there are very helpful & nice. just ask them what you want and also they are very generous on giving samples ;)