Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Foundation series: Revlon Photo Ready

Revlon is one of my favorite drugstore brand. I tried a lot of their stuff and I really like the quality and also the prices. however this is was one of the first foundations that I tried from Revlon, and I can say in one word that I am very impressed. 
I've got these around August 2010, I think; I used them almost everyday. for my skin type they provide medium coverage, they covers the red spots perfectly and even out my skin tone. so let's look them in more detail.
Positive points:
1- Medium and smooth coverage
2-It has a nice sheen to it, which makes your skin glowing ( however this could be negative point for some people, but I like its effect on my skin)
3- It is long lasting on my skin.
4-It does not cake up.
5- It is oil-free and has SPF20.
6-Even though it has sunscreen in it, it photographs very nicely.
Negative points:
1-It does not have a wide color range. as you can see I have 2 , because my skin is somewhere in between. so based on my current skin color ( summer or winter time) I mix 04 Nude and 05 Natural beige on back of my hand and then apply it to my face.
2-It dries very fast, so you need to apply it section by section. for example, I start from my cheek (center of my face), put dots of foundation in my cheek area, blend it and then put dots on my chins and blend and so on.
So  as my overall impression,  I really like this foundation, it worked for me. Am I going to buy it again, yes;but no time soon because I have a load of things to finish and try.
So hope this was helpful, again I really enjoy hearing about your recommendations and what worked for you.


  1. Thanks Monia it was really useful...

  2. dear mania
    i think i still didnt find my very proper foundation. maybe because i like compact powders for daily use more ( or something like MAC. mineralize skin finish natural). but lately i am using even better by clinique which i think has one of the best coverage of all for me. i think make up for ever and bobby brown also have good foundations. any way. thx for your post on drugstore foundations. i will use it next time :) the money ill pay will be less though ;)
    have a great day dear

  3. @Zahra, you're welcome dear:)@ mamane khoshbakht, I use Mac studio Fix face powder compared to MSF from Mac I think it has little bit more coverage. which one of clinique do you recommend, I had "even better" one which made my skin brake-out for some reason!clinique have a great face powder which has SPF in it is also very good; loved it:)

  4. I post the recipe but first of all I should mention that this is my first time that I write a recipe in English, so please correct my English ...thanks.