Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Products I won't repurchase series- E4: Olay Daily Facials

I usually clean my make up at night with those special damp cloth. I used different brands so far; a few weeks ago I went to our drugstore and noticed all the Olay stuff were on sale and these facial wipes was around 4.99$; so I taught to give them a try.

My first impression was that they are not as soft as the others that I used before and I was feeling that I was scrubbing my face with something which definitely was not my purpose at all.  
Other point that I did not liked about these was the fact that they are not very good for removing eye make up due to 2 reasons; 1- not soft enough so not good to use it under eye area, that makes them red and irritated; 2- it is not damp enough so it won't remove normal mascara, imagine that you want to wipe off waterproof mascara!
It is claimed to be for sensitive skin which I can't imagine what would be like the ones for normal skin. I just do a quick wipes with those and then clean my eye makeup with a separate liquid eye make up remover. very disappointed in this product and won't repurchase again. 

If you look for a good damp cloth for make up remover, I recommend  "Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes Night Calming" by Neutrogena. the ones that  come in purple, they are very damp and soft, little too damp for people with oily skin ;not me. I liked the cloth very much, however I did cleans my skin after wards with my face cleanser. It smells good, kind of calming smell. 
There are so many other makeup removers in the market, like oil based ones, waterless ones,even the good old baby oil, but for me the wipes are much easier to get and I could get them on sale most of the times. 

So how do you remove your make up?

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