Monday, January 31, 2011

30 Day Yoga Challenge

Today is Monday, and working is really hard after you worked most of the weekend.Saturday we went to help one of our friends with their movings. they were moving to another city about 2 hour drive from ours. so we had kind of a mini trip too. so by the time we got home and went to bed it was after midnight so technically Saturday was gone without me noticing. Sunday was more fun though we went to our friends house for lunch ( big fun) and for afternoon we went somewhere else for birthday party. so basically we were not home that much this past weekend. and now I am so tired I couldn't go out of the house, so will be working from home and hit the gym afternoon. talking of gym, there is something that I want to talk about. This clip is really describe  my mood on Friday afternoon and Monday morning, funny!

A few weeks ago I decided to start a "30 Yoga challenge". the inspiration came from a dear blogger that I  am following for more than a year now. she started hers in mid January and I think she is at her last 10 days now. 
The challenge is to take 30 yoga sessions in 30 days. Since I am not going to a yoga studio, based on my gym's program ,I probably have to do 2 ( even 3) sessions in some days so I could finish my challenge in time. I already kind of set my schedule and high-lighted the classes that I should take and some others for backups. I try to keep my own workout routine and add the yoga classes; we'll see how I could manage that with my time and energy. I don't know if you tried yoga before or not but it could be very challenging. I know it won't be easy since I follow Amber's challenge and read about her experiences but my goal is to finish this challenge ( I am sure 100% I won't quite since I am no quitter). I am very looking forward to start at Feb.12th and finish successfully my challenge in 30 days.
Here is my current workout schedule so the rest of the yoga sessions would be added to these: 
Monday: 1h of step class
Tuesday: 1 h of cycling and 1h20 min of Yoga class
Wednesday: 1 h of Aero-latin class
Friday: 1h of Aero-latin and 1h20 min of Yoga class
Saturday: 1h30 min Yoga and 1h of meditation class
Sunday: 1h20 min Yoga
This has been my program for a couple of months now; before, there were days that I did some cardio and weight exercise at the gym by myself but personally I enjoy the group workouts more. I decided to add some weight exercises to my routine cause the point is not only to get rid of the body fat but also to build stronger muscles (since I want to keep my routine I will talk to a trainer to give me a quick 30 minutes routine that I could do everyday).
So who else wants to hit yoga mats with me for 30 days!?!


  1. Mania joon, I am in. I love Yoga, and I will be with you in 30 days Yoga. We will enjoy our practice ... :)

  2. Mania joon, unfortunately I can not accompany you, but good luck, It's a good challenge!Go Go Go

  3. Thanks Azin joon , you will be missed in the Yoga classes dear ...