Monday, November 29, 2010

Beyond the Rack- let's shop !

Hello lovelies, today I want to talk about this cool website that I discovered almost a year ago

What is the BTR :
it is an online discount store  ( not quite like other stores) that each day offer discounts on special brands and each of the events are open for a few days. it has everything form clothing ( women, men and kids), jewelery, accessories ( sunglasses, bags, wallets, belts,...), electronics stuff and lots more from brands like YSL, coach, Dior, Marc Jacob...

How it works: 
if you're a member of the site you would receive emails from them about the events of the day, which usually opens at 11:00 am (eastern time). at the beginning, all the events opened at 11:00 but now they have some events opening at 17:00 (eastern time) too, which are usually called 5ive at 5.
look for those (5ive at 5) cause you could get some pretty good deals there.
when the events starts you could see the stuff that are available for sale, you choose the items and it goes to your shopping bag, you will have 20 minutes to do checkout and pay for the items, otherwise it will go back on the website.

Good to know:
1-some of the stuff are available in very limited quantities (like 5 or 7), so they go very very fast ( few seconds after the events start). so if you think you like something, don't hesitate and put in in your shopping bag, you would have 20 minutes to decide.

2- when you buy a stuff, they BTR people send your order to the supplier ( they don't have the stuff back at their offices). this leads me to the next point.

3- the shipping time; as I said in the last one, the supplier recieve the order from BTR, and they ship the items to the BTR and then they will send them to you. so it will take long time to receive your shopping stuff.
sometimes I really forgot what I bought from them (took over a month), however  sometimes you will receive fast. so there is no general rule on that but be aware.
so beware if you need something in urgent, don't get it from the website cause you probably won't get it in time.

4- you can return your items to them if you don't like them, you have to pay for the shipping though. they will not return your money to your credit card but they give you credit for shopping in BTR only.

5- to be a member of the website, you can register in their waiting list or get invited by someone.that specific person gets credits of 10$ for 10 friends invitation.

so if you're interested you could use the link below, to register or you could register on their waiting list , I don't know how long it will take to get in without invitation really.
oh! one last thing, there are some websites similar to this one , like ,

and here is the link and happy shopping !

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