Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm back

after a long absence I'm back ..
I was looking to my post and when I saw the last post was on 13 Dec . I shocked, I didn't realize that it's been so long , time passes very quickly
the reason for this absence was that I had a deadline to make and I was working and working even throughout the holidays and after that I took a week off ,going to vacation which was very fun
at the last day of our vacation I caught a cold and I'm still sick. I think my head is exploding .
I had so much plans for my off times: baking , cooking ,cleaning .. which I didn't do . I only baked a few cakes , I didn't cook ( just for one occasion :our Christmas gathering ). I didn't take photo form my cooking results but I'm going to post the recipes here. during our vacation I had the best cheesecake ever and I'm motivated to make one myself. I prepared everything and I'm going to bake my first cheesecake this weekend. hope it wont become a disaster !
tonight is my fist vist at a gym after a week of eating and sleeping. I know it'll be a little hard .
so till next time with a new cheesecake, bye

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