Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tuesday movie night and bad cooking experience

this Tuesday, like every week, we went to see a movie (planet 51) it was funny but not something special . I 'm a big  fan of movies but it really depends on my mood which movie I like. I have some favorites like god father,.... between animated movies I like the old one : sleeping beauty, Cinderella ( lots of childhood memories) and from this generation : lilo & stitch , Madagascar and kung fu Panda . I never get tired of watching them ( saw them each several times). so the final point is that "I did not like planet 51 ".

One of my friend here is recently is finishing her master study and she was exhausted of working on and writing her thesis. so we decided to go out and have little fun and do some shopping on Wednesday morning. it was good for both of us. after that I went to home and started to work and did some cooking. I cooked Falafel which I never did before and it turned out to be fried tasteless ball !even it had a lot of vegetables and other spice it was tasteless to this cooking experience wasn't that much fun ..sometimes the picture of one recipe seems so  good I get fool and cook it :(. I will never cook falafel again or till when I get over this bad experience.

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