Tuesday, November 24, 2009

dancing class

yesterday I went to my belly dancing class! I love dancing so about year ago I decided to go dancing class and because I felt belly dancing is very close to my original dancing , I decided to start with that and maybe someday I'll have a courage to start taking Latino dance class ( which I love a lot)..
there is something about belly dancing ! I like looking at a good belly dancer and now I  understand why in Arabic films a woman is dancing and guys sitting eating and drinking . ..but I don't like that image of belly dancing at all...there is another problem with me and belly dancing ; I could never  dance outside of class, I don't know why but anywhere ( in home, in a party..) if they put Arabic music I could never dance it just wouldn't come !
yesterday our teacher was explaining that there is fundraiser by Lebanese group at a club in st. Laurent and they'll bring a belly dancer and it's a lot of fun and you should come and so on ..the belly dancer is the same person that is doing the Activia commercial (Mihaela Coman) and I thought to my self wow, from that much I 've seen in the commercial she dances very very well..
I planned to start Latino dancing next year ,so let's see how I progress in that one..

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