Friday, August 19, 2011

Perfume: Bronze Goddness Soleil

Hello lovelies,
hope you all had a great week, mine was long but good, so no complains. today's post will be a new perfume that was added to my collection just very recently (this morning). This one was on my list since this spring while I was at Estée Lauder.They had 2 new limited edition perfumes for summer 2011. I tested both and I preferred this one. 

Here is the package little squinchy, it was in hubby's luggage 
As described by Estée Lauder,it was inspired by the warmth of the Mediterranean, a citrus floral blend with notes of Bergamot and Orange Blossom. 
It is a citrus floral fragrance. with Sicilian Citron, Calabrese Bergamot, Blood Orange, Sweet Tangerine, Provencal Lavender Flowers and Lemon Tree Leaves (Petitgrain) as "Top Notes'; Pittosporum, Neroli from Tunisia ORPUR™, Moroccan Orange Blossom ORPUR™, Indian Sambac, Grapefruit Tree Blossoms and Pink Lily Nectar as "Middle Notes'; Blond Woods, Iris Accord, Ambrette Seeds and Crystalline Musks as "BaseNotes". 
It has a warm base due to notes of blonde woods, iris, ambrette seed and crystalline musk.At first spray I notice the citrus, floral and musk scents, but after a while musk wears off and citrus becomes little sweeter which is much better.
The bottle is so simple and pretty, kind of  reflecting the transition from sand to sun in shades, with a cap of matte gold rings. It reminds me of beach and those summer smoothies. It is sunny, energetic, warm, fruity and delicious so what not to love. It is Eau Fraiche so the scent won't last much beyond 2-3 hours but I think it is reasonably priced (100 ml). However I would like the scents of vanilla and coconut in there too because they remind me of summer ( like summer tanning lotions and oils and body butters). It is a very nice perfume specially for summer but not one of those got-to-have-it ones.    
So what is your favorite summer perfume girls:)
Have a great weekend,


  1. Great find. Sounds very fresh and summery bursting with citrus notes. I love coconut and vanilla in summer scents too for that beachy feeling. Please check if you can find Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche 2010 edition. It smells just like the beach and has coconut notes.

  2. @Pandora`s Box thanks hun, you put me on a new mission: hunt for the 2010 edition ;) I love the coconut vanilla & since I know your taste in perfume I am sure it would be a lovely hopefully I could find it xxx