Monday, June 20, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Hello lovelies :)
Hope you all had a great weekend, recharged and ready for another week.Here weekend was amazing weather wise and we enjoyed it to the max :) yesterday I was talking with my hubby about our weekly menu and he suggested that this week we should not cook anything !! apparently he got tired of me cooking every night :) we will still eat of course, but  not cooked stuff. sometimes it is good to take a break from the kitchen and since we don't have kids, that would be very easy for us.
So for lunch today we are having cheese & cucumber sandwich. yesss very high gourmet meal ;)
This Friday is La Fête nationale du Québec which is celebrated annually on June 24, St. John the Baptist Day. we will go camping this weekend for 4 days with our friends and I am so exciting for that.It is a very beautiful place which I never been and we have hiking, kayaking, swimming ... on our activity list. 
So that's for today post, wish you a great week.

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