Sunday, May 1, 2011

Let's talk TV-1

I wanted to write about this subject for long time and it seems I never had a chance to sit long enough without interruption and write this. well I've been sick for the past few days and by sick means I got a really awful cold that made me completely nonfunctional. in the past few days 98% of my times had been passed in bed and still no signs of getting better which is terrible. so now I am sitting on my bed and try to focus and write about my current favorite TV shows. 
I don't consider myself as a big TV watcher and I honestly not a big fan of reality shows. there are some out there that I used to watch and liked ( The Amazing Race, Biggest Loser )  but kinda stopped watching due to lack of time.  there are a few shows that I follow and love:
Dexter should be my favorite. it is drama series that centers on Dexter Morgan, a bloodstain pattern analyst of the Miami Metro Police Department who moonlights as a serial killer. It started in 2006 and everyone was talking about this show I did not start watching it yet and could not understand why everyone was loving this serial killer ( are people out of their mind these days?!?!) and I finally find time and started watching from 1st season and after a few first episodes I was hooked. this is a brilliant series, unlike anything I've seen on TV,  pulse-pounding storyline in each episode that keep you on the edge of the seat. 
My other favorite would be Gossip Girl which is my guilty pleasure. the show is basically an empty, mindless show with no real features ( at least I hope so). the show follows an unbelievably rich teenagers and their parents around Manhattan. although some people on the show has an IQ as high as a hamster, I can't get enough of their styles. specially big fan of Serena, Lily (her mom) and Blair styles. each episodes some new terrible things happen by an evil person ( who would turn good on the next episodes !) with ludicrous and laugh-out-loud dialogues with fabulous dresses, shoes and accessories. 
The anonymous Gossip Girl is a blogger, who posts "the scandalous lives" of residents of the Upper East side.  and she always has the best and most hilarious quotes in every occasion and all end with "you know you love me,Gossip Girl, xoxo" in each episodes. I can go on and on about this show, but I just stop myself here :) non of my friends watch this show so thank God for twitter and endless and hilarious discussions about #GG on Monday nights. 
I have still some other shows I wanted to talk about but this post is already getting long, so I will stop here and continue next week. 
So have you watched any of these 2 shows before, what is your favorite show on TV these days. 


  1. salam doostam
    man ham Dextero diidam vali na ta akhar shayad 2 season kamel didebasham,yadem nemeiad chera ta akhar nadidam:P
    Gossip Girl ham doosesh nadaram.
    vali asheghe Modern Family hastam va montazeram 4 May episode jadido pakhsh kone,tazegiha ham shoro karadam daram Cougar Town mibinmam,faghat bekhatere Courtney Cox.:))))
    rastesh man big fan Friends hastam va tahala 5 bar kole 10 season didam,age beshe bazam mibinam :D

  2. salam Ghazale joon, man cougar town ro ye chand bar didam vali kheili doost nadashtam vase hamin dige nemibinam , vali modern family o ke gofty man hanooz nadidam vali kheili tarifesho shenidam , hatman shorre mikonam be didanesh :) manam friends ro doost dashtam va hamasho didam kheili serial khoobie adam hich vaght khaste nemishe :)