Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday 5

Well it's Friday so yaaaaaaaaay for that :) now that I'm sitting behind my computer and thinking what I did these past few days, It made me think "wow this was a fast week but a good one" :)
Here is my this week's Friday Five:

1.Eucerin Aquaphor cream which is like a thicker and less smellier version of Vaseline. I have one of these on my night stand and use it before I go to bed every night. it leaves my lips soft and also could be use in place of lip-gloss in day. when I'm wearing a shoe and it starts to hurt my feet, I also use it and it reduces the friction so it would not hurt anymore. 

2. last week I had a little incident with my feet and all week I needed a comfortable shoes to keep me on running around. for me converse shoes are the best, this is not my actual shoes since I had them for several years and they are little bit worn. but I have the same style and color, I prefer the short ones;love these shoes and they feel so comfortable.

3. I am honestly love every song Pitbull has been in it so far and this by far my most favorite. there is something about his accent and voice that makes every song very catchy. and I have to say I don't care if they are sometimes singing some stupid stuff, I love it anyway and this is going to be my summer song; love it big time :) "so tonight let's enjoy life ..."

4. Flowers, this past week  no matter when or where I saw a flower I stopped and  took a picture. the weather past week was all rainy and gray and these flowers kinda gave me the sense that it would get better. they are everywhere and each have different colors, I enjoy looking  at them and maybe it would be silly to some by they make me happy :)

5. I used to paint a lot then I stopped for some reasons, the again I decided to start them again  last year because they made me relax. recently I got back to my habit; I guess the main reason was my sister who also doing some painting but with chalk pastels and we were discussing it over the phone a lot and she kinda inspired me to take out my stuff and enjoy them all over again :)

Ok that was this week's top 5, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. till next time  :)


  1. bah bah mibinam ke mesle man asheghe Converse hasti :D
    man kafshe rahat faght converse va Allstar,albate pariroz ye kafshe jadid gerftam ke sabke aksare karash mesle converse,kheli az tarhash khosham omad,EverLast :)
    hala age beshe axesho barat mizaram.

  2. yani man asheghetaaaaaaam maniaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :) yani man cheghaaaaaadr harf daram ke bahat bezanam. bavaram nemishod ke naghashi mikeshi onam ba MEDAD RANGI :) yani dorost kare morede alagheye maaaaan. azizam har kodom az posthayi ke mizari ba lezat va chandin bar mikhonam va mibinam ke cheghadr az lahaze khate fekri va alayegh be ham nazdikimmmmm vali az ye jahate kheili bozorg ba ham fargh darim onam eradeye ghavi ke to edameye karha to dari va man na :))) azizam inja email azat peida nakardam age email dari khoshhal misham dashte basha. mikham chandta az naghashihamo barat befrestam ta ba ham tabadole nazar konim ;) love u khanomiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  3. @ ghazleh joon are axesho baram befrest doostam to ke midooni man zogh mikonam :)
    @mamane khoshbakht joon, che bahal ke to ham naghashi mikonia:) kheili doost daram karato bebinam bad baham mashverat bokonim ....koli khoshhal shodam ba commentet azizam :) behem be inja email bezan: montazere email etam aaaa:)xoxo

  4. Wow, What a week sweetheart!