Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday 5

Well Hello, the blogger was  down since yesterday for some reasons and i just got access to mine. I decided to start few memes on my blog and one of them is "Friday 5" where I write about five of things, events,... that I enjoyed on last week and they became my favorites. it can be everything. I will try to do it every Friday. so let's get down to the first post:

 1. Adele 21 album: I've been listening to this all this week and I did not got tired of it yet. her voice is so special and the way she sings I honestly could feel the lyrics, her pain, her happiness... just love it.

2. Sun and warmer weather: last week was all sunny and it stays longer now. I really love when we get home and we still have day light. it gives me the feeling that I have so much time left from the day (even though it is about 8:30 at night). since the sky is almost clear I could see the sunset from our balcony which is just beautiful and everyday it has different color, so quiet, so calm ... just love it

3. Michael Kors "Very Hollywood" perfume:  I got it last summer and got back to using it this week and I have to say it is one of my favorite. it is a fresh, floral scent, perfect for spring summer times. it's not a unique scent though I am sure you smelled something similar to this sometime in the past. it reminds me of a perfume my mom used to wear when I was little :) love it.

4. Caramel Ice-Cream: I am not an obsessed person with ice-cream but there are few ice-cream tastes that I LOVE and one of them is caramel (specially from my favorite brand Häagen-Dazs). since it started to get warmer and warmer each day here, we got back to our habit of having ice-cream as dessert. I think if you never tried caramel taste you're missing big time;) it's so yummy ! 
5. I started reading this book recently, it was lend to me by one of my friends. I am almost done, it is REALLY good and I have hard time to put it down. 

So here were my 5 favorites this week, and I love to hear yours, if you post in your blog leave your link down below and I will read it or just write your 5 in the comment section if you like :)
Have a great Friday :)

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