Thursday, April 7, 2011

Movie talk: Solitary Man

We saw this movie this past weekend at one of our friends.we started the movie without any idea what is its story or how it would be. 
In this movie Michael Douglas plays a handsome, cool  middle age man ( named Ben Kalman).  the movie starts with a scene  in doctor's office when doctor drop the bomb ( bad news)  on Ben, and then we jump more than 6 years ahead and shows how his life is now. which I guess was kinda sudden and hard to follow  because the scene in the doctor's office comes too early ( since we have no background on the character) and then  everything goes fast so it was like we were trying to figure out the story and try not miss any points. 

The first part of the movie follows Kalmen as he takes his girlfriend's' daughter to collage campus and since there is no background on his life so far, there I figure out he is as alumnus and donated to that collage which kind of effect his girlfriend's' daughter collage application.while at the collage, something happens which you could never guess ( and I won't give it away), I literally screamed OH MY GOD ( and I might woke up some friends that were napping during the movie !!!) but that was a great shock and also key moment in the movie; from there his life goes downhill, and about 5 minutes to end of the movie everything comes clear and you kinda get the whole story of his life and why he became like that, although I did not buy the explanation.

It is a weak movie; with nice story. Michael Douglas performance was good ( oh did I mention that he was very handsome !! ); he is the main character and was in all the scenes.apparently he had a great life but destructed himself. although he did everything to himself, his performance kinda makes you sorry for him. it was a negative point that we did not see his journey from his normal life to the man he was after 6 years, I think more of that story would have been better. the movie shows how everything in life is connected that a act that may seem unimportant could lead to Domino effect of events and changes everything; and finally nothing explains better than this quotation from John Donne :
"No man is an island entire of itself; every man
is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;..."

So have you watched this movie before, what was your thoughts on that!? do you have any good movie suggestions for me ;) 


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