Sunday, March 6, 2011

Clinique Review: clinique pore minimizer thermal-active skin refiner

I got this last year when I asked the saleslady "I'm looking for something that could reduce my pores" and at time I believed that pores could be minimized or disappear ! she recommended me this product (only this and nothing else). 
It is a cream with lots of micro-exfoliants which heats when it comes in contact with water ( for few seconds 5 max 10). the heat suppose to help open pores and then the exfoliants should clean them. 
So now let's talk about verdicts:
I got this product with high expectations ( since it was from Clinique and costs more than 30$), however it disappointed me big time. the product is quite thick which makes it difficult to take it out of the tube and spread it on damp face ( with dry hands). if face is not damp enough the heat does not activate so maybe it would be necessary to wet fingers and lightly message the product on face. 
For about a month and half I used it twice a week and honestly nothing happened to my pores except my skin felt soft and slightly dry afterwards ( and sometimes red and irritated). my pores on my nose area (which are the ones that I could get blackheads if not cleaned properly) did not change or cleaned. 
A few months later I was at Clinique counter and I ask the lady same thing about my pores and she again recommended me the same product and after I had started to explain to her that it did not work ,she said "oh you should get it with the pore minimizer  Instant Perfector cream and Refining lotion and use them at same time" which is another 40 something $ and I think is nonsense. 
So I stopped using it and I found much better products at better prices that could do even better job for my skin compared to this Clinique one. 
This is one of my misses from Clinique brand which  I do not recommend to anyone (big thumbs down); hope this was helpful.


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  1. ha, I was looking for clinique pore minimizer and I stumbled into your blog. Thanks for your honest opinion! I will think twice before I buy. Clinique products are quite expensive, comparing to other skin care products. My friend told me that clinique was really good, that's why I got interested.