Friday, February 11, 2011

Let's talk foundation :)

I am a girl who wears foundation or tinted moisturizer everyday. I have been wearing for a long long time and during these times I gained experience on foundation from hearing form other people, reading magazines and doing little research by myself. I am not an expert person what so ever, I am just someone who like to  experience different stuff :)

So first start with some general info:
  • It is important to prepare the skin before foundation like with a light moisturizer or primer.   
  • There are different forms of foundation, like liquid, mouse, spray, powder. I personally prefer liquid ones but on my best skin days only powder foundations would work too ( great for those hot summer days). 
  • Foundation can cause breakouts, yes that is true specially if you have an oily skin and use oil-based ones. but even if it is oil-free, your skin might react to some other materials inside the foundation.
  • The experience is not the same for everyone, yes true. if something worked for me it does not mean it works for you and vice versa, since we all have different skin texture and different expectations. 
  • Each foundation has different coverage some are light; then you have medium or heavy coverage. depending on what you expect from a foundation. 
  • Foundation is not there to cover all the acne, blemishes and scares. the purpose of it is to even out the skin tone, for further coverage no one should put layer and layer of foundation because it would look too cakey, fake and absolutely not attractive. 
  • The foundation should be well blended on the skin, for that you could use a makeup brush or sponge.  It is better to lightly damp the brush or sponge with water. this will also help the foundation to look more natural.
  • If you have very oily skin, after you well blended you could powder the T-zone area to take away any shine. 
  • Start form the section you think you need the most coverage ( for most people is the cheek or chin area) and from there spread the product to rest of the face and jaw line to achieve an even skin tone. 
I think the most important points are:

  • To get oil-free foundation ( water based),unless you have extremely dry skin.
  • Right texture and color for your skin,
  • Try it before you buy ( or try to get it in small samples and use it for several times before getting the full size product),
  • If the sample option is not possible check your return policy, cause if you tried at store lighting maybe it would be different color outside, so maybe you could return it or change it to another color. 

I heard from so many people that if you want to invest in make up, get a nice foundation. it is very true if you don't have flawless skin ( like me) maybe putting a blush or highlight on top of that is not a good idea and if you have great skin well good for you, take good care of it :)
Here is my current foundation stack ( still some of them are missing in the picture).

So in this series I will talk about my own experiences from different foundations ( Revlon, Rimmel, Clinique,...),and as always I really love to hear your recommendations.


  1. Dear Mania,
    Thanks for sharing so many good information about foundations :) I also love makeup and i always search for useful informatin about it. lately i started watching beauty girls videos on youtube. some of them are great :) the link below is one of the channles that im in love with :) her name is tiffany and she is amaaaaziiiiing. ive learned sooo many thing about make up and beauty from her. pls check it if u still didn't. i bet u will also love her :) she has some great videos about foundation routines and also a great powder foundation tutorial :)
    be good :XXXX

  2. Thanks Mamane khoshbakht joon :) I 've been watch her videos ; these days you can find everything on YT;) if you are like me into make up and YT ;) check out lisaeldrige , she is a makeup artist who do lots of the covers of magazine and she explain everything in the most clear way:) what do you use for foundation I like to know your opinions on them :) and thanks dear for ur nice comments :x:x