Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Products I won't repurchase series- E2: under eye cream

Hi , as I promised to myself I will talk about some subjects in series, and I will try to have a post for each once a week. so here I am to share something with you  in the subject of shopping and beauty stuff :)
Today the subject will be "under eye area: and in caring routine for that area what I got and tried and what are my thoughts on here we go:

As you know, under eye area has a very delicate skin and it is important to be cared properly. the texture of this specific area is different from other parts of our face and if it does not receive the attention it deserves, it will get early wrinkles. also there were those times for every one of us that we could not get our perfect sleep, and in the morning the dark circles and under eye puffiness would be shouting our fatigue to the world !
So I tried to take care of it by trying to moisturize my under eye area more often; not only with my face moisturizer cream but with creams that were specified for under eye area.  

Olay Total Effects Eyes Transforming Cream:

I personally did not use much of Olay products except several of their face cleanser which I don't care about them that much ( big thumbs down) . But I saw this cream in our drugstore on special few months ago, and thought to give it a try. the cream claimed to be an under eye cream for reducing dark circles, depuffing and small wrinkles ( the ones that star to appear at late 20s).

So I got the cream and started using it, at least twice a day; one in the morning before I put my makeup and once before bed time. sometimes when I was at home during the day,  I reapply it again. 
The cream comes in small jar in very light pink color, and has a very soft texture. one of the good points related to this product is that it quite moisturizing and absorbs very quickly. thus  in case if you want to apply under eye concealer or any other products you don't have to wait till it dries up. 

The disappointing part about the cream was that except than being a good moisturizer, it does not do anything more there ; it does not do any type of transferring activities on that area as it claimed :(
So the days that I have a huge black shadow down there and want to cover it , I have to apply additional product there ( like concealer) . unless I am going to a party or something  I usually just skip that step. I work in the lab and the instruments that I hang out with  all day does not pay attention to my skin that much !

so those are my thoughts on this products and my reasons for not buying it anymore. I am going to try something else, after I finished this one.

Important notes:
Just wanted to mention this quick note ,since we are in the subject of "under eye area". As the skin under there is very delicate and sensitive ( oh ! how many times I mentioned that already ) when you apply any types of cream, or you want to remove your eye makeup, NEVER , I mean never rub the products with your fingers there, these would cause early wrinkles or even skin irritation.  so how to do it:
To apply a cream, put the product  on the skin surface and just dab with your fingers slightly to spread the product there.
To remove your make up ( using an eye makeup remover on the pad or the ready moisturized pads),  put one pad under eye ( just below your lower lash line) and close your eyes and put another pad on your eye area; just keep it there for few seconds and then very slowly move the upper pad to the side.  it will take the makeup and the downer pad and leave your eyes clean.
So till next time :)


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  2. HI here I am again :)
    actually since i remember ,I always apply this kind of products cause I have a dark circle under my eyes :( but let me tell you something ,nothing can heal this darkness,it would get better but not that much:(
    apply your cream every night,sleep well and enough and use tea bag(green tea) under yr eyes when it get's cold.It's really helps.
    حالا بزنیم تو خط فارسی‌ ،راستش خوشحال میشم هرجا تو نوشته‌ام غلط گرمری دیدی بهم بگی‌

  3. Dear Ghazale, completely agree with you about dark circles honey,I know some part of them are genetics so it can be reduced by the things you mentioned but not completely disappears:) love the tea bag trick though, will try it next time ;) oh and cucumber works too